TAITRONICS 2016 drives paradigm shift for IoT Market Opportunities

Taipei, Taiwan – August 24, 2016 – TAITRONICS 2016 will open on October 6-9 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. TAITRA and TEEMA, organizers of TAITRONICS, recruited 530 exhibitors from Taiwan and abroad, using more than 1,000 booths. The participating exhibitors integrate a complete supply chain from upstream to downstream with industry cluster advantages and a new area where the electronics industry shifts into the IoT market.

IoT continues to be the hot topic today. Due to the extensive application range, it drives cross-industry cooperation, peripheral multi applications, and also the industrial "smart" manufacturing waves. Behind this IoT boom, the critical technologies and key components of the electronic industry development and customized services play an important supporting role. For the first time, TAITRONICS 2016 adds "ROBOTICS AND UNMANNED VEHICLES", "MEDICAL CARE", "SMART MANUFACTURING", and "NEW VENTURES" to exhibition, building focus on intelligent electronics, wearable devices, cloud Big Data, green application verifications, MIT smile standard appliances, and many other theme pavilions. Together, these professional manufacturers, government agencies and associations look forward to the prospects of New IoT blue sea era.

TAITRONICS 2016 attracted international exhibitors from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, France, India, Indonesia, and China. Akita Prefectural Government of Japan will form a Japan pavilion exhibiting products such as switch gears, software & applied tools, internet software, mobile application software, vehicle audio, bus Light, and more. Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation organized groups of exhibiting manufacturers to showcase in the new Medical Care exhibition area with products such as picture archiving communication systems (PACS), optical microscopes, biological parameters, and more.

"Make in India", national pavilion organized by Indian government, is a key promotion for India national policies and an important indicator to attract foreign investment. When first organized at TAITRONICS last year, it became the focus point and an important platform to establish links with Taiwan industry. For the second time this year, representatives from India Government and FICCI, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, will form a high level delegation to TAITRONICS 2016.

In addition to fascinating displays and exhibition, TAITRONICS 2016 will include a series of forums and seminars such as system integration and cross-straits smart city, organized by TAITRA and TEEMA. These organizers will also cooperate with THE LINK and GWC Taipei cooperation to organize "GMIC TAIPEI 2016" (Global Internet Conference), which will attract international audiences with its leader viewpoints and startup language. Themes to focus on AR & games, VR, IV, Fintech, IoT & Big Data, Robotics, Smart Devices, and more.

Furthermore, forums on wearable devices and power management and future development trends are organized by Institute for Information Industry and UBM. Under the efforts of show organizers and support from various institutions and associations, TAITRONICS 2016 will kick off with technology, applications, and systems integration to lead the electronics industry to a new wave of paradigm shift.

For more information on the show or to register online for free admission, please check out the official website:

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